Teabowl/Chawan Shino Glaze

Teabowl/Chawan Shino Glaze


No art form tells us more about our ordinary lives than ceramics.

April 9th 2020

….and the world has been plunged into a global pandemic. I came into this world in the middle of a world war and now nearing the end of my life I am witnessing things that even a few short weeks ago I had never thought I would see. Tens of thousands of people have died of Covid 19 and economies around the world have been plunged into chaos. Ireland has not been spared. As I write this the country has been put in ‘lockdown’. We wait every day for the Dept. of Health to update us on the dismal figures and we try not to let them demoralise ourselves and out families/friends. The housing estate in which I live is eerily silent. No cars passing the house, no children playing, no sound but that of the birds singing.

Seniors like myself and my wife have been ‘cocooned’ which means we cannot leave our house. Our provisions are delivered to our door and our only social life is online. While we live in suburbia we are fortunate to have a large garden. Our children who live nearby can visit the garden where we can all sit and chat at a distance from each other. I am also blessed in that I am reasonably content to continue with my clay work in the studio. How I am going to sell the work is another matter since all events/exhibitions etc have been stopped. I live in hope that this  state of affairs will eventually pass but fear that the economic fallout to what is happening will impact greatly on the sale of ceramics.My town has so far been spared the full effects of the horror. The population has been remarkable in its efforts to follow the advice of our health experts in maintaining ‘social distancing’. How long that can continue is a difficult question. People need people but people can be lethal. Avoid like the plague is the advice. Every now and again I seem to be waking up from a nightmare but I’m not. Pity all the people who have lost their lives, all the frontline people to whose lot it has fallen to look after the rest of us. Pity the families living in cramped housing  in our cities and towns and who will break under the strain.

We are not the first to suffer such difficulties. I wish everybody a good tomorrow. There will be many more . Keep safe and well and take this opportunity to fill your days with  good things.

For myself my wheel will continue to turn and pots will be born. If you are  interested do email me at jimbehan113@gmail.com and I can send you pics.

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