Want to Buy Teawares?



22/ 11/2016 -I have some new teawares from a recent firing. I will be showing these at various venues around my home over the Christmas period. Contact me if you are interested and I will send images.

chawan and box

Tenmoku chawan with signed paulownia wood presentation box.









C =Chawan (Teabowl)

U = Unomi (Teacup)

‘b’ ¬†indicates optional box available for that item.

H =Hanaire (Flower Vase)


Chawan – Stoneware 60 euro. Earthenware 45 euro

Unomi – Stoneware 40 euro. Earthenware 30 euro

Hanaire – 60 euro

Box – 20/25 euro


I charge for postage only. Packing is free.

To buy contact jimbehan@eircom.net