Sunshine, Spring daffodils and galleries.

Today has been good for the spirit. sunshine, spring daffodils and the sap rising in the garden. The sound of lawnmowers and the smell of cut grass. I love this time of year. I can finally say goodbye to dark short days. No more lighting the woodstove and waiting for the workshop to warm up.

Last weekend I flew over to the U.K with my friend Marcus to visit the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham where Phil Rogers was exhibiting his most recent work. What a treat! If you are remotely interested in pots you will enjoy the Gallery’s coverage of this wonderful exhibition here.

Phil has been a long and enduring influence on my potting life. His unerring sense of form and unity of surface and decoration to that form has always inspired me since I did two workshops at his studio in Rhayader, Wales in the nineties. Good pots are always good teachers and I have many of Phil’s pots in my house. I was pleased to add the bottle below to my collection.

I have been as busy as ever in my workshop since I last posted in October! I have had several firings of the little train kiln and have been trying sort its tendency to fire cooler and with less reduction near the exit flue. I have tries various strategems of tricking with the dimensions of the flue but to no avail. I plan to introduce a side stoking port near that spot for the next firing. Because of this problem the percentage of good pots has been frustrating. The pieces nearer to the entry flue have been very good and they help to compensate.

Woodfired unomi from train kiln with Shino and apple ash Nuka glazes.