Rain and teabowls

tbowls1Where is the rain coming from? Storms in off the atlantic every other day, nothing for it but to light the woodstove and get stuck in. Good days for making teabowls on the kick wheel . It’s surprising how they pile up when one is not counting. I’ve thrown them ‘off the hump’ i.e. throwing a number of pieces off the same hump or ball of clay. Because you haven’t weighed the clay for each piece they can vary in size and form depending on where your heart takes you. ¬†They will all be brushed with a variety of slips to encourage colour and shine in the kiln. It may be some time before they are fired and I’m in no hurry on that score. I will just let the stock of work build until the lack of space becomes an issue.

All of these pieces are made of a mix of white and black stoneware clays. The black clay has a lot of rough grog (fired crushed clay used to add texture and reduce shrinkage). closeup

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