Pottery and Heat

At last the days are warming up. Pottery and sunshine go well together. Pots move through the studio much faster and the potter can get into a rhythm of making. The arrival of the swifts really gets me going. I’ve been keeping a record of their arrival in recent years and it amazes and reassures me how predictable they are. This year’s arrival was the earliest I’ve seen in spite of very cold days in late April. The first pair arrived on May 2nd. and today there are five. It’s easy to count and keep track of them because they never wander far from their nesting site in a nearby school water tower.

Today I’ve been making some bigger pots on the wheel. I throw these in sectionspot and then join them up. It’s a tricky technique but allows me to upscale my work.

I have made a good stock of pots recently and need to get them fired. Moving around my small studio has become a a pain in the ass. I’ve been putting off firing because of the inclement weather.  Pots have been mounting up and were not drying as one would wish. Today I could get them out into the garden without running the risk of having them rained on.

My next opportunity to show my work will be during our Arts Festival when I exhibit with Form Carlow in June at Carlow County Library. Hopefully these latest pots will yield something that I can be happy with. One never knows. The kiln will have the final say.