Pots, pictures and presentation.


My friend photographer Keith Dowling recently spent time with me in the workshop and took some good pics. Keith is a talented photographer and works hard at getting engaging images of the landscape particularly around our beautiful Barrow Valley.


I’ve sourced boxes  lately  and am hoping they will enhance the presentation of my teabowls. They are medite which is not ideal but they are precisely made and will suffice until something better comes along. I will need to get ribbon to finish them off.


I’ve been making slipware bowls now as I need to build up stock after the Christmasas . I will make lots of different things and won’t worry too much about when I might fire them. If I need something in a hurry I will use the electric kiln otherwise things will wait for the next woodfire. Weather is not very enticing for out of doors yet so I’m staying close to the stove. bowls1

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