Pottery Links.

dolmen pottery tea bowl

 http://www.marcusomahony.com   The homepages of Glencairne Pottery. Check it out for courses.
 http://www.parslowpottery.com     Mandy Parslow pots in the Beautiful Glen of Aherlow, Co Tipperary
http://homepage.tinet.ie/~designondot/     Homepages of Leon Lynch a Cavan based potter.
 http://www.laura-ohagan.com    Architectural ceramics made in Bray, Co Wicklow
 http://www.alangaillard.com     Website of Alan Shattock who works from Clifden in the West of Ireland. Also offers courses.
http://www.philrogerspottery.com   Wonderful site of Phil Rogers, Marston Pottery, Rhayader, Wales..
http://www.robertcomptonpottery.com    A well maintained U.S site with very extensive links world wide.
 http://www.jimspeers.com   Very extensive site of Canadian potter Jim Speers
 http://www.the-anagama.com/En/    Shiho Kanzaki fires anagama at Shigaraki (Japan)
http://www.capceramics.com.au      Website of Tasmanian potter Beres Taylor.
http://www.minervaceramica.com   Minerva is a potter from Caracas, Venezuela now working in Texas, U.S.
http://www.msdceramics.co.uk/index.html     Malcolm Dobson works in Glasgow.
http://www.tms-design.ch     Tamara Shontshang works in Switzerland and is a regular visitor to Ireland.
 http://www.myerhalliday.co.uk     Myer Halliday is a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art and lives in Edinburgh.
http://www.ccoi.ie    Lots of useful info on Irish craft on this large site.
 http://www.ceramicsireland.org     Craft Potters Society of Ireland
 http://www.usedbooksearch.co.uk  For that out-of-print book you’ve been trying to get.
 http://www.ceramicreview.com    Craft Potters Association (UK)
http://www.ruffordceramiccentre.org.uk    Essential site for surfers interested in UK scene.
 http://www.potfest.co.uk     Also good UK site. Potters Directory.
 http://www.studiopottery.co.uk     A well established International site with over 400 selected members aimed at collectors. Lists events, potter’s   profiles and work for sale, news and links. Updated most days
http://www.potters.org   Clayart archived articles
 http://criticalceramics.org    For the Critics! Or just to get opinions.
 http://www.aber.ac.uk/~cerwww      View Aberystwyth’s fab ceramics collection.
 http://www.ceramicsmonthly.org      The site of the US magazine.
 http://www.claystation.com     Lots of technical info
 http://www.briansutherland.org.uk     Site dedicated to the life and work of Brian Sutherland.
http://www.ceramicstoday.com    Very wide ranging site on all things ceramic.
 http://www.craftdirectory.org    Craft Directory – Arts & Crafts Search Engine and Directory
 http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/ceramics/index.asp    The Ceramics Museum London
http://www.ceramike.com/index.htm    Lots of interesting material on Studio Pottery here
http://www.craftanddesign.net   The website of the popular bi-monthly U.K. magazine Craft and design
 http://www.scottishpotters.org     Homepage of Scottish Potters Association.
 http://www.northern-potters.co.uk     Northern Potters Association (UK)
 http://www.kentpotters.co.uk     Kent Potters Association (UK)
 http://northwalespotters.co.uk/      North Wales Potters (UK)
 http://www.weyceramics.co.uk      Wey Ceramics Association (UK)


http://www.jimmybehan.net   My musician son’s pages. No pots but great electronic music/effects pedals.

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