Green and Blue Things

blossomBlue skies. Bright green in the garden. Lengthening days. I love this time of year. April can still be a cold time  in Ireland.  As I write this hailstones are hopping off the ground in front of my studio window. But May is imminent and the temperatures will rise. It is a good time to be on the wheel.

I have lots of things to look forward to in the coming months. I am making some larger pieces to  show with Form Designmade in Carlow during our Arts Festival here in Carlow. Lately I’ve been considering some bigger forms using cobalt blue and copper green. At Aberystwyth last year I was very impressed with John Higgins’ expressive forms in naked clay. Scale, colour and texture is getting my attention.

I have some interesting communal firings in the pipeline later in the year with Bernard and Marcus. In July I will be moving west to take part in the Galway Potters Market. Last year’s market was disastrous when a vicious storm hit as we struggled to get our marquees up. The show had to be abandoned which was a shame as most of the participants had travelled long distances to take part. But that’s the chance you take with open air events on this island. Let’s hope 2016 will be different.

In September I will be demonstrating at the Ceramics Ireland Festival in Thomastown. I will be somewhat out of my comfort zone with this one but perhaps it will bring a sharper focus to what I do. Nothing ventured nothing gained they say.

Recently I read Robert Turner’s lovely book Shaping Silence and was very taken with the work. What really appealed was Tony Hepburn’s contribution Turner in Context where he traces Turner’s personal internal journey towards his artistic maturity. Lots of things to ponder there.

Onwards and hopefully upwards.,,,hakemedish