Monthly Archives: January 2015

Pottery Planning

Apart from Christmas day when the family get together over the turkey I’m not a great enthusiast for all the for the palaver that goes with it. I look forward to the new year which is always a good time for planning my pottery activities for the coming year. Anticipated highlights for 2015 will include great firings with Marcus’s anagama, getting to grips with my little train kiln and making some larger scale raw fired slipware pots. My pop-up shop went well and I even managed to sell a few of my boxed teabowls which was encouraging.


I’m also looking forward to visiting the International Ceramics Festival at Aberystwyth in Wales. This biennial event is always a great opportunity to hook up with other potters and provides a nice break from the workshop in mid summer. I usually travel over with a group of Irish potters who are members of Ceramics Ireland.

My year will kick off with a few weeks of slip and glaze testing. It seems that humanity is divided into two groups i.e. those who like brown pots and those who prefer bright colours. I belong to the former and past attempts at blues greens etc. have not excited me. I cannot make work for commercial considerations alone. But there are some potters using bright colours in slipware whose work I do like e.g. Nigel Lambert or Patia Davis in the U.K. If I do make such work it has got to be mine and it has got to come from somewhere near the heart. That’s the challenge.