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Christmas 2014

jar - Copy
Towards the end of the month I visited my mate Marcus and give him a hand with firing the Glencairn kiln. It’s always good to get out of the workshop and connect with like-minded people. Already I am looking forward to 2015 ( probably not the best of ideas at my age). I’ve always had a hard time with the dark days of Winter and love when the garden begins to stir. So far we have had a very mild Autumn with a fair degree of blue skies. Aberystwyth International Ceramics Festival takes place on the first weekend of July and is a great opportunity to connect with the pottery community and watching others handle clay is always interesting.
As I write I am showing work in a pop-up shop in Carlow. I am part of a collective of local craftspeople (Carlow Made) who exhibit a few times every year. It works well and is always supported by the buying public who appreciate good craft locally made. stand