Monthly Archives: July 2014

Mini train Kiln firing

I have recently built this ‘train’ kiln to experiment with high temp. woodfire. It looks like a pile of bricks but it’s well ‘designed’. It has a large firebox to the left and it is connected to a large chimney on the right which also serves my regular woodfired slipware kiln. This kiln is designed to maximise the effects of wood ash on the pots which are exposed to the full blast of the ash laden fire. I have fired it only once and it behaved very well. Because it is small I will be able to fire it often and will get to know it well in time. Train kilns (named as such because of their shape) have become popular with wood firers in recent times. The fly ash from the fire leaves the firebox through very open flues and travels in a straight line through the pots to exit at the other end. This allows for maximum fly ash effects on the surfaces.

This little unomi or teabowl has been brushed with a ‘shino’ glaze which has turned a lovely red under the ash. I like it very much.

This ‘hanaire’ or vase, lightly brushed with shino, has taken a lot of ash because it was closest to the exit flue from the firebox. It has developed a beautiful varied surface typical of this kind of firing.

I am looking forward to working with this kiln into the future and I am hoping it will bless me with many gifts.