Monthly Archives: May 2014

summer travel and making slipware pots

May, summer and warmer days. I’m afraid I have been neglecting this blog  mainly because I keep getting the feeling that I’m ‘talking’ to myself. But it’s  good to have these internal dialogues as it often helps to put things into clearer focus.

I’ve been busy making since my last posting. Carlow Arts Festival  which opens early June is always an opportunity sell pots so I’ve been building stock. Yesterday I enjoyed making these little jugs with jugs1applied coils and little balls of clay.



On others I’ve used leaves from the garden as resist. Making things in small scale is interesting. You seem to get a sharper perspective on the form and it’s good to line them up and evalujugs2ate the subtle differences. I can decide which I like best and then upscale that form later.



I’ve also been finishing a commission for framed plaques depicting our Town Hall. This is something I have not done before but the buyers are happy and the money will buy a few bags of clay/glaze.

In April I visited London and went to the Ceramic Art London (CAL) show. It runs for 3 days and features lots of high profile potters/ceramicists. It was an opportunity to meet up will old friends and see what’s going on in the wider world of clay. I attended a very good demonstration on slipware techniques by Patia Davis and acquired a small piece of her lovely work. I also went to the Contemporary Ceramic shop on Russell St. and bought a small dish by the slipware potter Nigel Lambert. While in Russell St. I popped over to the British Museum to take a quick look at some wonderful

Before I left London I made time to visit Somerset House to view the wonderful impressionist paintings at the Courtauld Gallery.   While there I saw a cabinet of 16 wonderful Italian maiolica  pieces. The virtuosity of the painting and the use of lustre on these 17Cy pots left me breathless.